thumb|378px|link=Andrew Bogomil is a character in the Beverly Hills Cop film series. 

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He is played by Ronny Cox.

Beverly Hills Cop Edit

He was the Lt. and he was trying to help out Axel with evidence with the narcotics trafficking and the coffee grounds at the art gallery's warehouse. At the end, he and Axel shot Victor Maitland.

Beverly Hills Cop IIEdit

It is revealed here that he has a daughter named Jan.

Before the events of the film, Billy, Axel, Taggart and Bogomil all go fishing. At somepoint previously, he got promoted to Captain. Later while trying to lead the investigation of the Alpahbet Crimes, Bogomil gets suspended by Chief Harold Lutz. He heads on home, and is waved down by a big, tall blonde woman. She is revealed to be one of the leaders in charge of the Alphabet Crimes. Bogomil is gunned down by her, and he was in the hospital in critical condition, but later made it to recovery. Later, Inspector Todd is told of what happened and Axel Foley heads to Beverly Hills to find who did it. Later, after the Alphabet Crimes were solved, Chief Lutz is fired for his way overboard abusiveness, and Bogomil is chosen to replace him as Chief of Police in Beverly Hills.

He is not in the third film, and there's no explanation about his disappearance, possibly having retired because Taggart retired also and Rosewood became second in charge of the police department.