The Beretta 92FS Inox
 is a 9x19mm semi-automatic handgun seen in Beverly Hills Cop III.

It is essentially a Beretta 92FS constructed out of stainless steel with satin finish rather than steel with blued finish.


The Inox models (from the French "inoxidable" meaning non-oxidizing) feature the following parts made in anodized stainless steel with a light bead blasting finish rather than blued carbon steel: the barrel, the slide (including the extractor, the safety and the right-side manual safety lever), the trigger (and trigger pin), and slide stop lever. The older Italian-made Beretta Inoxes are usually better received than the American-made Inoxes, which feature blued controls, giving them a semi two-tone look.

The Inox models are some of the most popular Berettas and are still produced today.