"Axel, you on a coffee break? Go get that son of a bitch."
―Todd's last words to Axel Foley[src]

Inspector Douglas Todd was Axel Foley's superior in Detroit, Michigan. 

He was played by Gil Hill


  • Todd is a stern, harsh man who is sick of Axel Foley's antics because they make him look bad and cost the department money.He makes his points by cursing shiftlessly,mainly at Axel.He is Foley's rival in the first two films, but does eventually commend him for doing right and stopping crime. In the first film, he threatens to have him brought up on charges for meddling with the Beverly Hills Police Department, but drops them after Foley stops Victor Maitland. Douglas Todd is later killed in a shootout inside a Detroit chop shop, causing Foley to avenge his death by traveling to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder.