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Chief John Taggart is a fictional character in the Beverly Hills Cop series.


Beverly Hills Cop[]

He and his partner Detective Billy Rosewood help Axel Foley take down Victor Maitland who killed Foley's friend Michael Tandino.

Beverly Hills Cop II[]

Beverly Hills Cop III[]

Axel travels to Beverly Hills once more to investigate the murder of his police Inspector. He reunites with Billy Rosewood who has been promoted to Deputy Director of Operations for Joint Systems Interdepartmental Operational Command (DDOJ-JSIOC). Axel wants to say hello to Taggart, though Rosewood explains that Taggart has since retired and moved to Arizona with Maureen. Rosewood's new partner is Jon Flint.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F[]

Following a reconciliation with his wife Maureen, Taggart leaves retirement to rejoin the BHPD as a Chief of Police. A high profile case plagues the BHPD when Sam Enriquez is accused of killing Lieutenant Copeland during an undercover assignment. He gets a surprise visit from his old friend Axel Foley, who is in town after a threat against his daughter's life following her joining Enriquez's defense team. Taggart gets him out of legal trouble but advises his friend to leave the case alone. Billy and Jane may think the cops involved in the Copeland case are dirty, but Taggart trusts Captain Grant. He wants the case solved, closed, and moved on from as soon as possible. He makes it clear that he doesn't support Axel or Detective Bobby Abbott's investigation into the case. Billy goes missing while investigating the Copeland case, which raises more red flags for Axel.

Axel, Bobby, and Jane are involved in a public shootout in the streets of Beverly Hills. This enrages Taggart as they destroyed a lot of city property, ignored his orders, and are still investigating a good cop that he's known forever - Grant. Axel counters that Billy was Taggart's partner for thirty years and is in trouble now. He asks if Taggart is part of this shit, which offends Taggart as they've been friends for four decades. Axel wants him to start being a cop again. Taggart bellows at Foley to get out of there and back to Detroit. He calls Abbott over to suspend him without pay pending an investigation of his handling of the Copeland murder. Abbott surmises that Taggart doesn't want to solve the case, just manage it.

A day later, Taggart answers a call from the cops who arrested Axel initially. They tell him about Grant arresting Axel and Abbott on cocaine possession, which makes Taggart realize the cop is dirty. He arrives at the BHPD just as Axel and Abbott are stealing a helicopter and escaping police custody. Following them becoming fugitives, Jane visits Taggart to talk with about her father. She feels bad because she said some stuff she shouldn't have the last time they saw each other. He tells her to stop because her dad does care about her, more than anything.

Jane is kidnapped after her meeting with Taggart. Axel, Rosewood, and Abbott lead a mission to save Jane by stealing a truck and causing a scene to get backup. Taggart arrives at the scene and has a gunfight with Rosewood by his side, reuniting the estranged friends. After stopping everyone, saving Jane, and revealing the dirty cops, Taggart finally tells Rosewood he regrets not having his back before. Axel is sent to the hospital to recover from a bullet wound. He leaves the hospital a few days later to get better food, which makes Jane ask Taggart and Rosewood to keep an eye on her father to make sure he doesn't sneak out again.

A week later, Rosewood and Taggart sit in an unmarked car across the street to watch Foley. Rosewood asks Taggart a personal question about his relationship with Maureen, and they are both startled when Axel gets in the back seat. He calls them a terrible surveillance team. He doesn't want to be in the hospital anymore. He wants to get a steak. Taggart refuses but Axel presses on then turns to Rosewood. Rosewood decides to start the car, with Taggart giving in. He makes Axel promise not to tell Jane. Axel grins that this will be fantastic - "trust me."


Taggart is Billy Rosewood's partner. He is an older, gruff police officer who also goes by the book but is less enthusiastic than Billy. He may seem aggressive, but he is a good cop and person.


  • According to Billy Rosewood, he eats a lot of red meat.
  • John Ashton has stated he would like to be involved in Beverly Hills Cop 4 and was later confirmed to be a part of the project.