"I got a wife and three kids. I haven't seen a fifty in twelve years."
―Jon Flint responding to Axel Foley's question of if he had a $50 bill.
Jon Flint is Billy Rosewood's partner who replaces John Taggart who retired and lives at Phoenix Arizona and he is also Ellis DeWald's friend who is also Uncle Dave's shooter.


During a fire breakout in an apartment he recieves a call from his partner Billy that something happened at the Wonderworld Theme park. Then a fireman tells him that Uncle Dave is shot and is in the Hospital and he asked shocked "Jesus! Somebody shoot Uncle Dave?" and the fireman replies that Axel Foley shot him not knowing their idol Ellis DeWald is the one who shot Dave and he framed on it on Foley. Flint then goes to Dave and Dave tells him it was not Foley who shot him and it was his friend Ellis DeWald who shot him. Flint discovers DeWald's treachery and arrives at Wonderworld sees the park in a mess knowing the battle already started and begins examines one of DeWald's dead security. A security opens fire at Flint from the Gondola. He grabs the machine gun and opens fire at the security and he fells off the Gondola. Flint looks around as the Theme park music continues playing after the Theme park control panel is damaged during the shootout. Fed up he yells "Turn that fucking song off!" and he goes to the Prehistoric world ride discovering DeWald's body on the train and sees Foley killing Fullbright who just killed Sanderson and a bullet hits him in the arm and joins him while recovering from their wounds. Billy then arrives who was injured by the security guard and passes out. After Dave is recovered he is in a wheel chair with Foley and Billy watching Dave's interview and the introducing of Axel Fox a new character for the theme park.