Bronson Pinchot cover
was an art gallery salesman working for Victor Maitland before he opened his own store: "Serge's Survival Boutique".

He is portrayed by Bronson Pinchot.


  • Actor Bronson Pinchot almost didn't do Beverly Hills Cop, because his girlfriend had tickets to go to Florence, and they kept pushing the date back of when they were going to shoot it. Bronson had to say to the filmmakers, "If you don't shoot it before next Wednesday, I'm not doing it. We've got tickets to Florence, and I'm not not going to Florence." He said that after the film came out, he became a star, when before that, he was a nobody. He also notes that he was only on set for a day or two and had only a couple minutes of screen time. He did not appear in Beverly Hills Cop II, Serge became such a fan favorite he was given a major role in Beverly Hills Cop III.