The Walther P88
is a semiautomatic pistol developed by the Walther company of Germany in 1988, hence the model name P88. Its main feature is a high-capacity double-stacked magazine designed for military and law enforcement use.

It was seen in Beverly Hills Cop III.


In 1996, Walther discontinued the pistol in favor of the slightly lighter and smaller P88 Compact, which was also cheaper to manufacture. The Walther P88 is highly prized among collectors and sport shooters due to its superb accuracy (1.5 to 2 inch groups at 25 yards) and high-quality construction. The Walther P88 Compact was lighter and a bit smaller with only minor differences. The standard P88 was heavily criticised for being bulky, heavy and expensive; the Compact solved none of these issues. There were many complaints about the full-size model's slide stop as well. It was thought to be hard to reach and manipulate, requiring the user to shift the gun in hand to operate. This was corrected with the P88 Compact at the expense of losing a very popular feature: its unique combination ambidextrous decocker and slide release. It was replaced with a CZ 99-style combination decocker and conventional slide stop/release. This allowed the pistol to function as a DAO (double action only) or conventional DA/SA. Both these pistols are fully ambidextrous with the exception of the compact's slide stop/release. Full ambidextrous control was an industry first and the original P88 likely would have sold well were it not for the high cost. Both models remain collectible.